We talk at length with record-makers about how they make records.

Nov. 20, 2017  |  No. 122

Jonathan Schenke

by John Rau

Jonathan Schenke has made a name and a sound for himself by recording and mixing some of the best independent and experimental rock that came out of New York in the last five years. You may have...

Nov. 20, 2017  |  No. 122

Rick Miller

by Pete Weiss

As the guiding light of twang-raunch-rock stalwarts Southern Culture On The Skids, singer/ guitarist/producer Rick Miller has steered the band through over 30 years of musical adventures, spanning...

Nov. 20, 2017  |  No. 122

Mike Dean: Hip-Hop Producer/Mixer

by Jake Brown

If you’re a hip-hop fan it’s almost impossible not to know the name Mike Dean, as his sound is woven so deeply into the last quarter century of music. A low-key legend who prefers to let...

July 21, 2017  |  No. 120

Dusty Wakeman: Managing Mics and More

by Larry Crane

Mojave Audio makes some of the highest quality mics at a great value; I've used several of them since they debuted and am a big fan. Dusty Wakeman has been running the company for years. I wanted to...