Tape Op direct mailings are delivered about 25 times each year to the vast majority of both our print and digital subscribers (about 70,000 readers total).

When you sponsor a mailing, you give us a text blurb or graphic ad and we integrate and feature it in the email content. This works especially well if your promotion involves an exclusive give-away or special offer (a contest or such), created exclusively for Tape Op readers.

On your end, this typically involves building a simple email/name capture page on your company website, as well as a blurb promoting the offer and directing our subscribers to your page, which we will do our best to integrate into our newsletter. This is an amazing way for you to fill your database with dedicated audio professionals and hobbyists!


What have other advertisers' results been?

The response rates from our email promotions can be fantastic. Here are a some quotes from advertisers who have participated:


"Laura and the team at Tape Op are simply the best. Despite the disadvantage of being at the end of our promotion, the Tape Op email response rate reigned supreme over all other opt-in direct email lists we utilized. Outstanding!"

- Ray Maxwell, VP Sales & Marketing | Eventide

"Laura and the gang at Tape Op are awesome! The e-zine promotion we did with them yielded nearly 7,000 leads for us, which was amazing given that the contest only ran a little over a month. Big thanks to everyone at Tape Op for being such great partners - we love working with you."

- Dusty DiMercurio, Retail Marketing Manager | Avid

"Our promotion with Tape Op in their e-zine was the very best promotion we have ever had. We received over 6,000 entries for our giveaway. We couldn't believe the response!"

- Michael Chiriac | Cascade Microphones

"We were delighted to see so many people sign up for our recent give-away as a result of the Tape Op e-zine promotion. We had over 3,500 people sign up, most of which did so right away when they received the e-zine. Thanks Tape Op, you have a strong reach!"

- Nathan Eames, Marketing Manager | Sonnox

"We got about 2700 signups! We consider this a big success and would love to do it again!"

- Steve Kawasaki, VP of Marketing | BSW

"Ableton's newsletter promotion with Tape Op was a giant hit with over 3,000 people signing up in less than a week. We were pleased to see such a great response."

- Dave Hill Jr., Managing Director | Ableton, Inc.

The promotion was a great success with Tape Op - thank you - 973 entrants!"

-Karen Hunt | Prism Media Products

Also, Rode microphones ran a contest which was stated in their full page ad in Tape Op to win a t-shirt if you signed up. They had almost 3,000 entrants!


Our flavors of email sponsorships


New Issue Access Sponsorship
Six per year, midway through odd numbered months
$3000/$2500* USD per sponsored mailing
*20% discount for Tape Op Magazine advertisers

When we publish a new issue, this is the mailing we send to each subscriber to give them access to their digital version. When you sponsor these, every reader will view your ad first on their way to accessing it — almost like having a full page ad on the cover of our magazine.

View Sample #1: New Issue Access
Sample #1: New Issue Access
View Sample #2: New Issue Access
Sample #2: New Issue Access

Newsletter Sponsorship
Once per month
$3000/$2500* USD per sponsored mailing
*20% discount for Tape Op Magazine advertisers

Our longest running mailing to subscribers. This mailing is a traditional newsletter with all of our goings-on, "insider" opportunities, and our fave articles, reviews, and interviews for the months.

View Sample #1: Newsletter
Sample #1: Newsletter
View Sample #2: Newsletter
Sample #2: Newsletter

Archival Digest Sponsorship
Once to twice per month
$3000/$2500* USD per sponsored mailing
*20% discount for Tape Op Magazine advertisers

In between our new issues, we put together collections of archival interviews based on themes we like (for ex. Motown & Memphis or Artist/Recordists) and open them up temporarily to all subscribers. We then send a digest mailing for each collection we publish.

View Sample #1: Archival Digest
Sample #1: Archival Digest
View Sample #2: Archival Digest
Sample #2: Archival Digest

Image/Banner Guidelines

Image formats: jpeg, gif, png

Image sizes: All emailed images will be displayed at 800px wide. However, to accommodate hi-resolution / retina displays, we recommend sending us images at 1600px wide.

Please submit all digital files via email to anthony@tapeop.com, OR via FTP:

Host: files.tapeop.com
User ID: tapeopads
Password: d60pbox

If you do not have an FTP client, you can download one here:

Macs: Cyberduck

Tape Op is not responsible for returning digital media unless otherwise specified.