Following on the heels of Spark 1.5, Spark XL is a new version for Pro Tools users who would like to use their TDM plug-ins inside of Spark. Spark 1.5 is a stereo, real- time audio editor with mastering processing tools for the MAC. XL adds the TDM FX window that allows up to four Pro Tools TDM plug-ins to be inserted in combination with the native Spark plug-ins. You can build effect chains mixing and matching TDM and Spark plug-ins at the same time. Before XL, I would have to process an audio file in Pro Tools using my favorite TDM plug-ins first and then "port" the file over to Spark for final mastering processing. If I ended up not pleased with the final result, I would have to start all over again back in PT. Spark XL sells for $699 and there are upgrades for Spark 1.0 and 1.5 users available. (TC Electronics: 805-373-1828,,

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