If you know anything about writing for magazines n'all, you know that record labels and publicists send out these things called "press kits" with copies of the new records that you're supposed to review. "Press kits" are one or more pages of clippings featuring reviews of previous releases, interviews and a cover sheet that talks about the new album. The press kit for the new Negativland CD is actually an entertaining read. Why? Because you get to see journalists in action, spreading false "facts", contradicting themselves and each other, and generally just getting the whole picture wrong. One writer refers to their "fair use" of U2's music as a "sampled fragment" whereas another calls it "extensive sampling". Proof that music journalists don't even listen to records? Other articles spell their name as Negativeland and list Mark Hosler as a resident of San Francisco and Olympia at the same time! An entertaining read! (Seeland, 1920 Monument Blvd. MF-1, Concord, CA 94520)

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