The first thing I noticed about this CD is that it is short. Less than 32 minutes, and that made me wonder. Would I know if it was on vinyl? Between flipping the sides and not having a digital counter that shows the absolute time, would I know or care? CDs allow 74 minutes (or more) of material and for an album release that's way too long. Hell, 60 minutes is too much. I'm calling for a bit of self-editing and restraint from musicians, something that Ms. Manning has always practiced. Besides being short, this album is beautiful, haunting and I love it. It was recorded all over New Zealand with Tex Houston at Fish Street Studio, with David Kilgour (The Clean, who's Whatever I do is right/wrong Barbara covers here), with Chris Knox (Tall Dwarves), and Stephen Kilroy. A virtual who's who of New Zealand of recording freaks. (Communion, 2525 16th Street, Third Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103)

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