If your record collection is anything like mine, you don't own many compilations, and the few that you have don't get much listening time. In My Living Room has become the exception. It actually has a cohesive concept; bands and artists dropped by Andy's house in Massachusetts to hang out and record a track there. Some of the artists include Geoff Farina (Karate/Secret Stars), Ida, 27 and Mary Timony (Helium). The tracks are, for the most part, fairly quiet and restrained which gives the collection a consistent feel. The recording approach is very low key - the songs are beatifully captured as they were performed. No bells or whistles here, just honest, pure recordings that are a treat to listen to (the house has great acoustics). While listening to it, it is easy to feel as if you're sitting on the couch listening to the track being recorded. The liner notes also help bring the listener closer to the project by giving some background to the origin and execution of each track and by pointing out all of the bonus noises to listen for (cars, cats, refrigerators, neigh- bors, bracelet rattle, etc.) This is one CD you'll feel good about supporting. (KimChee, 6 Sagamore Rd., Ipswich, MA 01938)

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