As always, one can expect nothing less than eccentric-eclecticism when it comes to the musical tornado that is the Dinner Is Ruined band. This new slab of their mutant-barnyard-roots-country-disco-kitchen sink-rock was one of the very last projects to be recorded at the Canadian music mecca known as The Gas Station, a famed Toronto studio which was recently forced to shut down and relocate it's operations on a 30-day notice due to the fact that condominiums are swallowing the city whole. This analog recording is an ultra-fine example of what the Gas Station's room characteristics and friendly personality sounded like - very live and warm, yet gritty if need be. As always, studio co-owner, band leader and engineer Dale Morningstar (whom has also recorded godspeed you black emperor! at the facility) adds his special touch to the sonic palette - a dusty slap-back echo that reminds one of recordings from old days of yesteryear. And for those curious about the fate of the studio, it has moved over to Toronto Island where even more madness can be captured to tape with even less distraction and/or harm unto/from society. That's what islands are for. (Sonic Unyon, PO Box 57347 Jackson Station, Hamilton, ON L8P 4X2 Canada,

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