These days, defining the function of a 'remixer' is just as enigmatic and open-ended to explanation, much like the role of a 'producer'. But for Aix Em Klemm, a duo consisting of Labradford's Bobby Dunne and Stars of the Lid's Adam Wiltzie, ground is broken and a new definition is found. Their methodology acts as a great flagship example for what I deem as "Sonic Remodelling". Their self-titled project is opiated and sparse (but mixed powerfully), and it could very well be suitable aural accompaniment to a visual documentary about ancient, burnt-out and abandoned skyscrapers. The two extracted some morsels of sound from their respective group's structures and constructed an altogether different and Zarathrustian "building of sound" - one that combines the haunting spirits of the old with the mystique of the new unknown. An Alesis 20 bit ADAT was used to primarily capture the sounds, and subsequent sample sequencing took place via Akai's MPC 2000 and S3000 boxes, then jettisoned back to the ADAT for overdubs. Since there was some geographical distance between Dunne and Wiltzie, the would exchange their ideas in the forms of mini disc and cassette transfers via regular post. Eventually, they would collaborate in person at Wiltzie's Austin, Texas, studio for two sessions that would take the project to another level altogether. I could easily go on and muse about how Aix Em Klemm are also creators of designer ghost music and such - but instead, just listen... closely. (Kranky, PO Box 578743, Chicago, IL 60657

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