Jenny is a occasional writer for Tape Op, former member of Tsunami, Grenadine and Licorice, and used to run Simple Machines Records (who put out a great booklet on how to release your own album years ago). She's also got a great, silky voice and writes some memorable tunes. That's all great, but here's the concept for this double CD. One disc is called "Chicago" and was recorded in that city at Kingsize Sound Labs with David Trumfio co-producing (with Jenny) and Mike Haigler engineering. The other disc is "Nashville" and was recorded and co-produced by Mark Nevers at Wedgetone Studios. So you get to hear the differences between the two studios and engineers back to back. Mark's recordings are more earthy and mysterious, with a living room feel - while Dave's productions are clearer and more straightforward, with more of a layering, overdub effect. I like both approaches and the differences between them indicate to me why it might have been hard to incorporate them all on one disc (timewise they would have fit). (

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