One time Peter Jefferies and I stayed up way too late, sitting on my front porch getting drunk. It was then that I realized why I loved this guy's music so much, because we were both big fans of some of the same music, like the Swell Maps and Colin Newman. Closed Circuit is Peter's most recent album, and although he probably still scoffs at more than 4 tracks or condenser microphones, I see some growth in his use recording gear. Yeah, it's still got that trademark murky Peter sound but there seems to be a few more overdubs than in the past (has he gone to 8-track!?). This was recorded in New Zealand at places with names like Multi- Phonic, Killer Moa and OBS - and some tracks were done "on location". It's compelling, dark, intense and very much of his own sound and style of songwriting. Records like this can be their own little worlds sometimes. (Emperor Jones, POB 49711, Austin, TX 78765)

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