A while back we interviewed Wendy Schnieder, who owns and runs Coney Island Studio in Madison, Wisconsin. This is her band, recorded at her studio, but here's the gist: You see, every time people get enough gear to build their own studio they think they have to record and play on their own records with no outside help. This is a mistake - I've been there. Wendy thoughtfully grabbed her friend Mike Zirkel to engineer and mix the album (mixes were done at nearby Smart Studios). I'm sure this freed her up to worry about playing guitar, singing and rocking out - all of which she and the band do in a grand way. The record is better for this I'm sure, as an outside pair of ears and a competent engineer can help any band out. It's a strong release, with cool extra touches like violin, creative guitar tones and talking snippets - my only complaint (and Wendy's gonna kill me) is that the kick drum is insistently loud, bright and tapping and I think the guitars should be a little louder. But that doesn't mean it sucks. (www.bugattitype35.com)

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