They did their previous record, The Friends of Rachel Worth, at Jackpot! with engineering by yours truly. We all had a great time and when plans for a new record came up I was in the running to engineer - but the cost of air travel, my novice abilities with Pro Tools and having to put me up for a month probably cost me the job. Damn. This is a fine CD, recorded and mixed by Tim Whitten at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne (recent clients include Nick Cave and the Dirty Three) and at Paradise Studio in Sydney. It sounds fine, maybe a bit shinier than TFoRW, but still full of great songwriting. Also available are versions of the first three records, Send Me a Lullabye, Before Hollywood and Spring Hill Fair, released with bonus CDs of singles and rare material - highly recommended classic albums! Plus BYBO is being sold with a "Limited Edition Bonus Disc" which features two leftover songs from the new album and two from Jackpot! that are quite good, if I do say so. Can you tell I like this band? (

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