These are both widely available CDs on major labels that are amazingly creative. Radiohead continue their recording relationship with Nigel Godrich (and his magic boxes), this time laying a lot of groundwork rather quickly at Ocean Way and fine-tuning at their own studio. Darrell Thorp (who assisted on Beck's Sea Change) was along for the ride as engineer, dealing with much "backing up". No trace of a mastering credit though I hear it was done at Abbey Road. Grandaddy's new record was "once again" recorded at their home studio, mostly by "producer guy", recording engineer and songwriter Jason Lytle, with Lucky Lew engineering too. Mixing was by the esteemed Michael Brauer at Quad Studios in NY. Mastering did get a credit, by Greg Calbi. It's maybe Grandaddy's "smoothest" yet but also has some of their best songwriting and playing ever. Some bands only get stronger... (,

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