So I'm chatting with the guys from Radar Brothers after the Tape Op Conference and Senon Williams (their bassist) tells me he's coming back in a few weeks to Portland with his other band. We wandered on down to the Blackbird to catch one of the coolest bands I've seen in ages - a smartly dressed and talented backing band doing weird '60s psychedelic pop music with a young female Cambodian singer, Chhom Nimol, singing in her native language. The CD was recorded on next to no budget in drummer Paul Smith's garage (with one iso room) on a Digi001 and then he rented a full Mix Plus system (for more plug-in power) and mixed with Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle) - and it sounds fantastic. Other gear used includes PreSonus mic pres, UA 610, Rode NT2 and some new Studio Electronics mics. Mastering was by Mark Chalecki at Capitol. It's a treat to discover a band like this!

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