Jimmy and Pat from Versus strike out on their own. At a gig this band is a standard four-piece. On record they can break down into a New Order-ish electronics sometimes, though other songs recall their Versus roots, even veering into Death Cab For Cutie land at times. Live drums were recorded by Geoff Sanoff at Stratosphere Sound in NYC in two days ("An ace engineer. I wish I could afford to do a whole record with him. Nicest guy in the world.") Everything else was recorded by Jimmy, at his apartment in NYC in one month. Minimal gear at home included a Shure SM57, Rode NT1, Neumann TLM 103, HHB Radius 50 (tube pre, compressor) and a SansAmp Classic - and was recorded 20-24 bits to an Aardvark Soundcard on Dell PC. Michael Iurato at Jigsaw Sound (NYC). Jimmy says, "I would add that I'm not impressed by the mastering. I feel like it sounded better before - but whatever... I'm not convinced mastering is great for everyone. I mix while referencing a variety of other artist's mastered tracks - if they hold up next to those and I like how they sound, why spend the dough? Either way, it's good stuff.

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