Jennifer's fourth solo album was produced, recorded and mixed by John Agnello (Tape Op issue #14/book Vol. II) in 12 quick days at Headgear (issue #65) in Brooklyn, NY. Apparently all basic tracks and lead vocals were recorded live off the floor. The sound of this album demonstrates that the approach worked, with an organic feel that supports her emotive singing and excellent songwriting. The players - Jon Langmead (drums), Michael Brodlieb (bass) and Michael Strandberg (guitar) - must have been a producer's dream with their ensemble playing fitting spot on behind the strong songwriting. For a great example, check out "Landmine" with its huge buildup and tension. As for live lead vocals, John Agnello told us, "She was nervous about it initially. By the third song, she was so into it she sang live on the "electric" songs. It was great for the band to play to the finished vocal." Here With Me was tracked live to tape and dumped into Pro Tools. And the room? John says, "I love Headgear. It's really natural sounding." Mastered by the omnipresent Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound. ( -LC

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