Why do you need this CD? Ardent Studios (issue #58) has been host to some of the best music in Memphis over the years, and this covers the mid-sixties backyard garage recordings up to the early-seventies (still their present location). Despite the fact that Ardent Studios has recorded all kinds of music, the focus at their label was mostly on rock and roll. The first disc (the National Street location and before) is charming and features a lot of rare tracks - many produced by the legendary Jim Dickinson (issue #19/book vol. II) and our pal Terry Manning (issue #58). We also get some early stuff by future Big Star members, Alex Chilton and Chris Bell. Disc two focuses on the Madison Avenue location and has 14 rare or un-issued Big Star tracks. Thank You indeed! Alec Palao produced this fine compilation - this guy has done bang-up jobs for The Zombies, Norman Petty Studios and many more. In other words, this comp was done right. (www.ardentstudios.com, www.acerecords.co.uk) -LC

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