I can't review this album objectively because I've been friends with Michael Jarmer and René Ormae-Jarmer - Here Comes Everybody - for about 10 years. I participate in the same songwriting group as they do - The Veronica Lodge - and I've done the designs for their last three CDs. So don't trust me. HCE's drum set, keyboards (usually baby grand piano or electric piano), bass and vocals sound like Harry Nilsson, Elton John and Ben Folds all rolled into one. The music and moods of these songs bounces easily from casual romps to more melancholy musings. I've always liked their songs because they evoke such clear and engaging scenes and stories. This is what happens when an English teacher (Michael) writes lyrics. But what's surprising to me is that the words come after the music in their composing process. Apparently, René bangs out instrumentals then hands them off to Michael. Several times at our songwriting group meetings, she's hearing the words and vocals for the first time. But the lyrics never seem shoehorned to me. This is what can happen when couples work together - chemistry. For years I've tried to tell them how they should record. I've seen them live numerous times, and the quality of those performances was something I thought they should try to recreate in the studio by tracking live, using bleed and roughing up the tunes a little bit. But they've always ignored me, and this CD proves them right. Recorded in their home studio, Funny Farm, using Pro Tools, the album is uncluttered but decorated just enough with extra keyboards, percussion and background vocals. It's a little slick, but completely straightforward and honest (hence the parental advisory label). (www.herecomeseverybody.com) -Curtis Settino

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