Hey Larry did I ever play you Jonathan Wilson's album, Frankie Ray? It's one of my favorite albums that I picked up last year. He's an amazing musician with a beautiful voice. His songs are moody and atmospheric gems. I met Jonathan when he and Thom Monahan were in The Hangar last December mixing Jonathan's as yet un-released next album. Anyway, he went straight from The Hangar to working on Jenny's album so I just gave him a buzz to get a little insight into Acid Tongue. Jonathan hosts Wendesday night jams in his Laurel Canyon home, which is where he met Jenny. He primarily played bass on Acid Tongue, but also played some guitar and sang and got to play with Elvis Costello who guests on the album. The record was mixed and recorded in about two weeks at Sound City Studios. The format was 24 track tape on a Studer machine and was mixed to tape as well. The console was a Neve 8028 and was mixed through the monitor section of the console as apparently they thought that sounded better. As each song was tracked, mostly live, it was mixed before they moved on the next song. Jonathan confirms your guess on the production credits, but refers to Mr. Scher as Farmer Dave, "you know he's from that band Beechwood Sparks." Oh and one more thing, he said they used a lot of Shure SM-7's including the vocals. (www.myspace.com/songsofjonathanwilson) -JB

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