Some bands exist by situation. Bleaks are a band because they gathered and created a record in Chicago at Semaphore Recording in a few days. Kyle Bruckmann (Pink Mountain, Lozenge), Jeremy Lemos (Semaphore co-owner, engineer, sound guy) and Steve Silverstein (Christmas Decorations, long-time Tape Op contributor). Steve reported: "Jeremy did most of the engineering, I helped a bit. His C12A sounds good (Norelco branded, as I recall). We all made lots of electronic sounds. Kyle banged on metal as well as playing double reeds. I contributed bits of guitar and Jeremy played some keys along the way. Edited by Kyle in Oakland. Mixed (with heavy bass thuds) by Jeremy in the big room at Semaphore." It's spooky soundscapes and noises - like messed up Krautrock or those weird interludes on Hawkwind records. Cool stuff to my ears! Mastered by Jen Munson at dB Plus. ( -LC

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