Why is it I always dig these New Zealand bands so much?  This is David Mulcahy (from the underrated JPS Experience) with his snazzy power trio.  Anyway, you've got to love a band that's not afraid to layer the fuckin' reverb on the drums.  I mean, huge slabs of reverb washing off the snare and usually piling up over on the right speaker.  Such "grand gestures" remind me of bands like My Bloody Valentine or the Straightjacket Fits during Melt, but Superette breeze right through this crazy Spectorette world they've created with some fine, fine songs.  Besides "Waves", which was beautifully captured on 4 track, I think this record was recorded on an Otari 24 track 2", since I can see the edge of the remote in one of the photos in the CD booklet.  Just thought I oughta tell ya.  (Flying Nun, PO Box 3470, Chapel Hill, NC 27515)

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