Kyle Bruckmann, Sam Coomes (Quasi), Gino Robair (Electronic Musician's former editor [their loss] and great drummer), Scott Rosenberg and John Shiurba (Eskimo) comprise an odd man out collection of musicians. No prisoners are taken in their aural assault - I keep thinking I'm listening to some screwed up version of King Crimson or a post-apocalyptic, destroyed, parallel universe Quasi. This double album was recorded 2006-2008 at Audible Alchemy (Portland, OR) by Jacob Hall and Steven Wray Lobdell and at New, Improved (Oakland, CA) by Eli Crews. Mixed by Eli Crews. Mastered by Bob Weston (issue #18) at Chicago Mastering Service. I love that the band wants us to know that, "No jamming was undertaken in the making of this record." Plus, "This band is not Pink Mountaintops!" (,

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