Cracker's ninth studio album. Damn. I'd always made life tough for Cracker in my little world, as I'd been friends with and a fan of David Lowery's previous (but now back) group, Camper Van Beethoven. These bands are different from each other, and a number of Cracker shows and albums later I've accepted this - and now I know Cracker's a damn good American rock band. This album was recorded with David Barbe (issue #14) at Chase Park Transduction, Athens, Georgia, with assitance from Drew Vandenberg. Additional recording was done at Sound of Music Studios in Richmond, Virginia, with John Morand and Bryan Hoffa (David is a co-owner there); Headgear Studios (issue #65) with Scott Norton; and The Blasting Room (issue #12) in Fort Collins, Colorado. The album's really good. Now I'm a believer. (,

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