I was fortunate to work with The Mumlers on their last album, Thickets and Stitches, doing some pinch-hit vocal overdubs before frequent Tape Op contributor Thom Monahan mixed the record at The Hangar. While cutting the lead vocal for lead-off track, "Dice in a Drawer", it struck me that songwriter/vocalist Will Sprott was the real deal, a very gifted songwriter with a unique voice and vocal delivery. Unfortunately Thickets was a bit uneven, with the arrangements and the horns in particular, often stepping all over the vocal and the song itself. Don't Throw Me Away finds a much more focused and cohesive band. This time around the arrangements perfectly fit the songs and support rather than distract. The album stylistically visits New Orleans jazz with some tastes of '60's pop but forges it's own unique identity. Will and The Mumlers bring to mind the term "Old Souls." This was recorded by Monte Vallier, who did the Tommy Guerrero interview for Tape Op 52, at his Function 8 Studio. A good job by all involved! www.themumlers.com -JB 

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