Chris Garges has been one of our long-time Tape Op Message Board moderators, and he co-wrote this month's End Rant (with Scott Craggs, who also mastered this here album), but he's also the drummer and producer for this exciting power-pop band out of North Carolina. Recorded at Chris' Old House Studios in Charlotte, NC, as well as Inner Ear Studio (issue #8), Fidelitorium (issue #21) as well as Double Decker Bus (?) and The Bastille. I always wonder what might go on in drummers/engineers heads, and if the resulting mixes could end up all full of overhyped drum tracks. Not so with Chris - the drums are clear with a nice tinge of room, but sit perfectly in the mix and propel the band along. In fact, on "Your Product Name Right Here" (funny-ass track), he even cedes the throne and lets a drum machine handle most of the song. In all, the whole production is very appropriate for the music. I'm tapping my foot and having a good listen, so something worked! ( -LC

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