Hot Damn!  A long time ago my pals the Maroons got me together with their friend Brian Berg who was thinking of starting a studio, and interested in my participation.  Nothing ever came of this plan, beyond a friendship and a few downed beers, but now Brian has a band and I've got a copy of his great CD.  Now here's the clincher, this was all done on two DA 88's and recorded and mixed through a pair of small mixing boards ganged together and recorded in a basement space.  It sounds awesome.  It's all the proof I needed that with a lot of hard work and care DA 88's can sound fine.  Oh yeah, the other thing that really helps is that the songs are top-notch, in a X meets Elvis Costello rocked up great song sorta way.  Yeah. (Schizophonic, 17 SE 3rd Ave #501, Portland, OR 97214)

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