In perfect timing, Rick Bain (of Portland pop superstars Spin Jupiter Spin) has released a home recorded 4 track version of Pet Sounds all played by himself.  This CD rocks.  He did it with no bouncing, using a lot of slightly overdriven acoustic guitar, some drum machine, occasionally distorted vocals, and a lot of gusto.  It sheds a lot more light on the allure of Pet Sounds than the Beach Boys box set does, and it's a hell of a lot more shocking and fun.  Rick admitted to me that he was a bit miffed with all the attention paid to everything around Pet Sounds at the exclusion of the songs themselves and I had to agree.  Plus, the kicker was Janet Weiss (Quasi/Sleater-Kinney) admitting that Rick's version of "Sloop John B" actually made her like the song.  Now that's cool.  Double bonus: It's available on CDR, which some cool place in Seattle will do runs of for dirt cheap.  Take note...  ($12.99 postage paid, Evil Cream Fox, PO Box 2344, Portland, OR 97208)

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