It's not often that I get sent a CD I can listen to.  It's even less often it's something I want to listen to.  This is an exception.  It's dreamy, semi-ambient late night stuff that would sit nice next to some Eno or Durutti Column.  It was all recorded at home, and I think the key here is that they never tried to overextend their recording setup, but instead used what they had in perfect ways.  For instance, the live drums don't sound like they were recorded with more than a couple of mics, but the mics were in the right places and a glorious reverb sheen was thrown on top to give the drums a spacey sound and feel.  The rest of the instruments fit right in, hell, this could've almost been done on 4 track but you'd never know.  Yeah, send me more discs this good!  (Darla, 625 Scott #301, San Francisco, CA 94117)

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