In Tape Op #82 I picked Brendan's brain about his thoughts and experiences with recording. Here he drops his fifth solo album, this one recorded at the decidedly retro-ish Welcome to 1979 Studios in Nashville, and mixed by Brendan and Tape Op contributor Chris Mara. Chris says, "It was tracked analog (by Joe Costa and assistant engineer Greg Thompson), then transferred to Pro Tools and overdubs were done via CLASP. I mixed it from PT across my MCI JH428A console. Brendan's mix tweaks were done in PT and a Dangerous 2-BUS." The album is pure pop-rock heaven, created by a master of hooks, arrangement and performance. Note that The Posies' Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer [Tape Op #58] also play on the album. Mastered by Tommy Wiggins [Tape Op #68], who is in the process of setting up a mastering suite at Mara's space as we speak. The lacquers were cut at Masterdisk in NYC, by Alex DeTurk. Released on Brendan's Readymade Records. -LC

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