Music Reviews

by Curtis Settino

 |  No. 22

Airline People

Reviewed by Curtis Settino

"These recordings are outtakes from our first two U.S. albums," states the inner sleeve of this 15- minute CD. I don't know this band, so it's impossible for me to tell if these are simply songs that...

 |  No. 67

: The Veronica Project

reviewed by Curtis Settino

I can't review this album objectively because I've been friends with Michael Jarmer and René Ormae-Jarmer - Here Comes Everybody - for about 10 years. I participate in the same songwriting...

 |  No. 22

: Vinyl Killer CD

reviewed by Curtis Settino

Drums, tuba and... oh yeah, guitar mix together to create a very interesting and enjoyable instrumental sound. Overdubs of other horns, percussion and electronics fill out the arrangements. Produced...