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Gear Geeking

Gear Geeking #99

by Andy Hong

As a studio owner, I'm constantly battling entropy. Whether it's everyday gear, or rarely-used tools and accessories — stuff tends to pile up randomly in corners and cubbies. When I decided to...


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SRH1540 headphones

by Shure  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

We always ask our gear reviewers at Tape Op to take the product in question into the studio and use it on sessions. I think this is a good thing. To me, there's not much use in the real world for key...

521 ZDT 500-series mic preamp

by Earthworks  |  reviewed by Adam Kagan

Earthworks, while best known for its catalog of super- accurate microphones, also produces a line of microphone preamps based on the philosophy of extremely-low distortion and fast-responding...

SF-2 active ribbon mic

by Royer Labs  |  reviewed by Dave Hidek

The SF-2 is a phantom-powered version of Royer's discontinued SF-1 ribbon mic, which means you get to press the +48V button without feeling like you've brought about the end of humanity. After that...

SONAR X3 Producer

by Cakewalk  |  reviewed by Alan Tubbs

Cakewalk has been in the news a lot lately. First, Gibson agreed to buy them from Roland. Having a guitar maker buy a DAW company is not as odd as it first seems, since Gibson also owns TASCAM, maker...


DRS-EQ/500 equalizer

by Phoenix Audio  |  reviewed by Steve Silverstein

The Phoenix Audio DRS-EQ/500 is a 4-band equalizer in 500-series format, loosely comparable to the API 550b. Each band offers fewer frequency points than a 550b, without overlap between the bands. The...

19-09 Optical Compressor

by Western Dynamo  |  reviewed by Adam Kagan

Western Dynamo is a relatively new manufacturer, based in Austin, Texas. Started by J. Morris, an experienced studio tech and recording engineer, Western Dynamo aims to produce audio products using...


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