End Rants

Sporadic and regular articles from our contributors.

May/Jun 2019

End Rant  |  No. 131

Think Like Tape

by Tony SanFilippo

A while back, Larry Crane – Tape Op's editor – tweeted an observation implying that many producers, engineers, and artists fill up their productions with tons of tracks simply because the...

Mar/Apr 2019

End Rant  |  No. 130

At the Feet of the Masters

by Larry Crane

Last year I bought The Beatles’ super deluxe 50th anniversary box set edition of The BEATLES (commonly known as “The White Album”). The new mixes that Giles Martin [Tape Op #103]...

Jan/Feb 2019

End Rant  |  No. 129

What’s Your Time Worth?

by Larry Crane

Not long after I first opened my recording studio, (some 20 years ago, when people actually booked time via a landline), I got a call one day about a booking request. Client: "Hi, we'd like to book...

Nov/Dec 2018

End Rant  |  No. 128

Tough Love

by Larry Crane

Is there a fine line between naive encouragement and pessimistic, dour warnings of possible failure? (i.e. "Just do it! DIY!" vs. "Give up. It's impossible.") Over twenty years ago I was making plans...

Sep/Oct 2018

End Rant  |  No. 127

Set Yourself Apart

by Larry Crane

I'm worried about the current state of how people are learning recording. When I first started tracking myself (and others) out of my home studio, learning how to record on a budget was a difficult...

Jul/Aug 2018

End Rant  |  No. 126

An Endangered Species?

by John Baccigaluppi

If you're one of the folks doing all your music making in-the-box, with your DAW and plug-ins, then you can skip the rest of this rant. Consider yourself lucky, as this older analog gear is getting...

May/Jun 2018

End Rant  |  No. 125


by Larry Crane

It was 1992. The band I'd been in, Vomit Launch, had called it quits less than six months prior. I'd decided to take a road trip to the Northwest, with the faint concept of finding a new place to live...

Mar/Apr 2018

End Rant  |  No. 124

Who’s Dropping By?

by Larry Crane

After 32 years of attending, visiting, and helming many studio recordings, I've come to recognize the impact that guests dropping by can have on a session. In Tape Op #73 I described my take on...

Nov/Dec 2017

End Rant  |  No. 122

Set and Forget?

by Larry Crane

The art of recording music obviously involves the intersection of technical skills and creativity. It's certainly this juncture that fascinates many of us, and has lured us into a life of placing...

Sep/Oct 2017

End Rant  |  No. 121

Social Isolation

by Paul Clark

I’ve spent most of my career in the technology industry, early on as the CEO of a rapidly growing electronics firm, and now as a partner in a company with one of the world’s most...