End Rants

Sporadic and regular articles from our contributors.

Jul/Aug 2021

End Rant  |  No. 144

Learning How to Really Record

by Larry Crane

Do you want to know how to make better recordings? Start by making a lot of bad (or not-quite-perfect) recordings. Yeah, I know this may sound like some tired old adage, but it’s true. I know,...

Mar/Apr 2021

End Rant  |  No. 142

Keep Growing, Keep Learning

by Larry Crane

This last year, because of the pandemic, has been one of the most important times for learning how to pivot our skills, and to say yes to jobs that might have previously seemed outside our...

Sep/Oct 2020

End Rant  |  No. 139

Forest for the Trees

by Larry Crane

What would be the most important concept I would explain to someone just starting out recording music? There’re a lot of things I’d like to say, but one of the most salient is,...

Jul/Aug 2020

End Rant  |  No. 138

Equalizers and Equality

by Larry Crane

One of the cities in the United States that changed the face of popular music more than anywhere else has to be Memphis, Tennessee. It’s also a very important story of racial integration; of...

May/Jun 2020

End Rant  |  No. 137

Future Collaboration

by Larry Crane

The history of humankind shows that only in recent centuries have we have become less social creatures. I've long advocated in the pages of Tape Op that we all need to find time to get together...

Mar/Apr 2020

End Rant  |  No. 136

Journey Into Dub

by Geoff Stanfield

Lee "Scratch" Perry The Crocodile, Seattle, WA, 2019. by GS. Our heroes are flawed. Our gods will let us down. But there is no substitute for music that resonates with the soul when the listener...

Jan/Feb 2020

End Rant  |  No. 135

What Makes a Great Recording?

by Larry Crane

I've listened to music critically for most of my life. First, as a teenage music fan, I would sit with headphones on poring over masterpieces by Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Yes, the Beach Boys, King...

Nov/Dec 2019

End Rant  |  No. 134

The Guessing Game

by Larry Crane

In issue #133 of Tape Op, I interviewed Andrew Scheps. "I take everything personally. I curl up in a ball," Andrew told me when we discussed dealing with mix revisions from clients. I've been...

Sep/Oct 2019

End Rant  |  No. 133

Zip it Up

by John Baccigaluppi

It was a simple thing, really. Just a short one-page lease agreement I'd helped broker between a beekeeper and my adjacent neighbors, whose property I help manage. I had sent two copies of the...