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What we are listening to. Non-critically.

 |  No. 105

Bruce Springsteen

Reviewed by Thomas Fine

The Boss's first seven Columbia albums are included in this eight CD box, newly remastered and packaged in miniature LP covers (also available as an LP or Mastered for iTunes). Mastering ace Bob...

 |  No. 132

: Joy Techniques

reviewed by Geoff Stanfield

When I saw the list of artists' albums and songs that LA based multi-instrumentalist/producer and songwriter Nate Mercereau has contributed to I had to take his new release for a spin. He has worked...

 |  No. 125

: Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois

reviewed by Geoff Stanfield

You are floating in space. In fact, you may already be dead. The view is incredible. Heavenly. You can see all the way back to the beginning of time. Beautiful light from distant galaxies and stars...

 |  No. 123

: All Melody

reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

This is an album of beautifully composed, arranged and recorded chamber music mixing elements of electronic music with traditional orchestral instruments and arrangements but it's also a love letter...

 |  No. 113

: You See the World

reviewed by Andy

This is the most picturesque album I've ever heard. The images it invokes, especially when I close my eyes, are strikingly vivid. I first experienced Shannon Hayden's music a couple of years ago, when...

 |  No. 111

: The Complete Concert By The Sea

reviewed by Tom Fine

Recorded at the Carmel, California, Sunset Center with a single Altec mic onto an Ampex 600 full-track tape deck on September 16, 1955, this concert became one of the best sellers in the Columbia jazz...

 |  No. 109

: Instrumentals 2015

reviewed by Larry Crane

Dave Pearce's first album in 15 years consists of processed electric guitar performances recorded at home, live to tape and CD-R. Textures abound, sometimes jarring or noisy, but more often sedate and...

 |  No. 109

: Songs To Play

reviewed by Larry Crane

Unlike the late Grant McLennan, his former partner in the Go-Betweens, Robert Forster [Tape Op #14], has never been the most prolific of songwriters. But for us dedicated fans of his unique work,...

 |  No. 106

: Stop Time

reviewed by

After hearing an advance stream of Stop Time, I asked our contributor, Jon Regen, to recount how his new album came to be, and what it was like to work with producer Mitchell Froom [Tape Op # 10]. I...

 |  No. 104

: Deerhoof

reviewed by Larry Crane

In issue #55 we chatted with Deerhoof, and learned about Greg Saunier's unique and obsessive ways of working on recordings. Their new album, La Isla Bonita, began as demos that soon became the core of...

 |  No. 103

: The Voyager

reviewed by Larry Crane

When I am asked to describe my personal goals when making records, I frequently say that I'm looking to make classic, timeless works of art. I want to make albums that can be listened to for many...