Some Maybe Not-So-Obvious Items Every Studio Needs

 In the past we've run a few columns about items every studio should have, like Sharpie pens and masking tape, but here I decided to look around me and think about all the items that aren't that obvious and don't usually relate directly to sound and recording. And most are things I've gone without while at other studios...


Coffee Grinder

Drinking Water

1/8" Stereo Audio Cables



Fingernail Clippers

Drum Mallets

Weird Computer Cables: Firewire 800-400, mini USB, eSata,

Tape Deck Calibration Logs

Cell Phone/iPhone Chargers

Note Pads

Extra Patch Cables: And I mean extra. Enough that you could patch in every point on your patchbay and then add 3 more patchbays worth of goodies. Really. I've run out at places before.

A Stack Of Hard Drives For Sale

USB Flash Memory Sticks for sale

YouSendIt Express program

Folding TV Tray Tables

Tape Op Magazines: C'mon, don't take them home! Set them on the back of the toilet and let everyone get a good read in. 

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