Okay, so that's not the most original headline ever. I check the MySpace site once every 6 months and see old notes from friends about things that happened ages ago. Sorry. Oops. But what really drives me bat-shit is seeing ads like "Learn Audio Recording" or suggestions on where to get mastering done! Uh, is there a way to block this stuff? It's kind of insulting. One person even emailed me to suggest that they are my new mastering go to person. Guess what? Not ever. Also, if anyone noticed my brief appearance on Facebook, I'm sorry I crashed the party and ran away screaming with my head in my hands. Getting 30 emails a day from potential new friends, and then having to think about these people who obviously can't be bothered to drop me a normal email but somehow searched me out/stumbled across me on this silly site. It's not like I'm gonna put up posts online of what I'm doing. You want to know what I'm doing? Read Tape Op. Read this blog. Bye bye, Facebook. To me social networking starts and ends with my email's inbox. That's enough to deal with every day.

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