My pal just sent me this awesome piece written by a screenwriter about people asking him to read their scripts. And yes, I think anyone who works in whatever given field can understand this. Damned if you do, and an asshole if you don't. And of course you're doing this for free... Look, I love music. I love great CDs. Some of my friends make amazing music that I enjoy. Some don't. And some people I don't even know want me to listen to their music. Okay, sometimes I do. But not every goddamn CD that's handed to me gets listened to - I simply don't have that much time. Nobody has that much time. And not many of these CDs are really worth my time. Why am I listening to this CD? If you aren't asking me to record your next album or mix the songs I'm checking out or paying me to analyze your recording technique and critique you (yes, I've done that), there's really no absolute reason I need to listen to an album. I can assure you that a positive CD review write-up in Tape Op (and they are almost all positive) won't sell (m)any CDs, and I've never heard of anyone getting signed through Tape Op reviews. Ever. Am I gonna be bowled over by your AMAZING recording techniques? Guess what, I'm probably not listening for that. No, I'm listening to your songs. And if I'm not bowled over by the songs/music then what the hell am I getting out of this? Jesus Christ, can I get that 45 minutes back? Can I put on Here Come The Warm Jets for the millionth time? But read the link above, cuz I'm glad other people have to deal with similar wastes of their time - I'm not alone! (Sorry, maybe I'm in a cranky mood)

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