Geoff Stanfield and Andy Hong add an update to the original Meris Mercury7 Reverb review by Adam Kagan.

GS: I am a fan of the Meris line of gear. They are a small shop who builds their high-quality modules in Los Angeles. I have reviewed the Meris 440 mic pre and Ottobit modules, but I missed out on reviewing the Mercury7. Meris was kind enough to send one for me to check out and it's not going back!

I only have one module, but it gets used on many mixes as a special effect reverb. I love my springs and plates but the Mercury7 does something unique. I relish the long dreamy harmonically rich ambient tails that can be generated using this box and when you need some swirl this is a good one. It is feature rich and can handle a variety of reverb duties, but I love it for my submarine adventures the most.

AH: I love my Meris Mercury7 modules. I bought two of them, so I can run them stereo with shared control. Did you know that the only difference between the Mercury7 and the Ottobit is the firmware loaded onto the EPROM? (And the front-face graphics are also different, of course.) Otherwise, the hardware is exactly the same between the two units. (I have an Ottobit too.)

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