Reader Mike Petkau dropped a line about the cool site and collaboration he started: "I wanted to point you to a project I've currently wrapped up. For 16 weeks, every Wednesday, I've brought 3 very different musicians from different backgrounds to the studio. They never know who else will be coming until they arrive. Over the course of an evening, they are charged with the task of getting to know each other, writing a song and recording it. I then mix it and make it available for download by the morning. My favorite session blended The Weakerthans' John K Samson with a glitchy electro artist and an Inuit throat singer." Check it out! thumb_04.jpg "The Record Of The Week Club is a weekly recording session featuring musicians from diverse musical backgrounds. Never knowing who their co-creators will be — an incognito and disparate group of musicians meet at MCM Studios in Winnipeg, Canada every Wednesday evening. Over the course of one evening they are charged with the task of getting to know each other, arranging, rehearsing and recording a piece under the guidance of Mike Petkau. The song is immediately mixed and uploaded and made available for download that same night. Jazz drummers are being paired with punk guitarists and opera singers; classical violinists are being paired with taiko drummers and DJ's, folksingers are being paired with sound collage artists and trombonists. The combinations are endless. And to top it off, we've invited local filmmakers to document the process."

Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making.

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