If you want to stay in business you need to record all kinds of bands, including those you don't care for. (This is actually a shock to some people. It is. They don't last long, and their refusal to work with anyone except bands they hand-pick is a main reason). Well, sometimes, you work with a band that is so bad, they are actually good. Whether its funny lyrics, or a great melody, you end up singing their stuff the whole way home. So, what about it, have you recorded a good bad band? Should we collect them in a very special K-tel or Time-Life collection? Tell us about it. I don't particularly like when people forward emails / jokes / videos to me. But this one hits home with my topic. The band is called THE SONS OF BUTCHER, and they exemplify the good Bad band I'm talking about. Of course, a warning: the song contains swear words. SonsOfButcher.jpg

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