Video Release: James Supercave "Burn"

What follows may be one of the best answers to the "So, how'd you guys meet?" question we have ever heard. Producer, engineer, and oft-recorded bassist (Black Keys, Ryan Adams, Norah Jones) Gus Seyffert was mixing "This Will Be Your Drink" by his band Willoughby at his home studio in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Walking by was Joaquin Pastor, who heard the tune from the sidewalk and proceeded to take out his phone to Shazam it. No Luck. Maybe if he got a little luck… So, Gus finds a guy on his doorstep with his phone out, and greets Joaquin with a, "What the hell are you doing???!!!" There are apologies, introductions and an invite to come inside. Friendship follows. Joaquin and his band James Supercave have since returned to Gus' Sargent Recorders to work on records and most recently this live in-studio video for "Burn" from the band's 2016 release Better Strange.

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