The worldwide COVID-19 situation is affecting us all at this moment. Years ago I was a gigging musician and restaurant worker, and I feel I essentially still live a gig economy life - depending on Tape Op and studio bookings for personal income. Financially, life can feel extremely precarious in this type of situation. So many of my friends are suffering through cancellations of live shows and studio bookings, empty bars and restaurants, or dormant retail, and in times of crisis everyone naturally tightens their purse strings. I'm honored we have a loyal readership, and we'll do our best to keep Tape Op happening as we head into the magazine's 25th year, so please continue to try and support our advertisers while taking care of your most important resource - yourself! As you know, our advertisers need our belief in ther products to keep going, and we need them to help us bring Tape Op's quality music recording information to readers like you.

For many of us this uncertainty is distressing, but keep your eyes on the future and remember that there will be times ahead together, as well as to make and enjoy music again. Music is a social collaboration on so many levels, and the joy it brings will be sorely needed. Until then, be safe, take care of others, foster compassion and understanding, follow real health guidelines (be wary of social media filter bubbles and ignorant mass media), and stay physically and mentally healthy.

Larry Crane, Editor of Tape Op

Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making.

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