Many Recording Studios use Apple OS-based machines.   Those users know Macs can read Microsoft NFTS (New Technology File System) volumes, but not write to them.  If your OSX studio needs to write to Windows NFTS, then you need a utlity such as Paragon Software's NTFS for MAC OS X.

For the Thanksgiving holiday, Paragon Software is offering its NFTS for Mac OS X 10 read-write driver for free for Seagate hard drive owners and at a discount for others.  (There strong possiblity that you own Seagate drives!  So this isn't a weird situation).

This offer runs from Thanksgiving Day (US) November 23rd through December 1, 2012, so act now. The link is HERE.

What's the catch?   Here is what I gather:  1. You have to register to get the software.   Unless you use a fake name, this means you'll be giving Paragon your contact information.   2.  This version works with Seagate drives only.  No Hitachi, Western Digital, et al.   3. If you want a version to work with ALL drive makers, that is available for $19.99 (USD), which is actually a good price. 

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