Ina previous blog post, we saw the beginnings of this project. Damian Wagner was in issue 64 - here's a crazy project where he's amplifying the sound of the earth! "After destroying 3 subwoofers and having to completely redesign the playback engine I was able to finally finished mic'ing and successfully creating a live realtime feed of the earth at the museum in Brazil called Inhotim." CIMG3988.jpg "The first subwoofer went in about 20 minutes after opening the mic's. A second and more powerful one was blown early the next day. Finally after convincing the museum to redesign the bench which would conceal the speaker, an 18" 1200 watt PA subwoofer was used." CIMG4022.jpg "At the bottom of our one mile hole I designed a custom accelerometer made from crystals that I feed into a tube mic pre with over 200db if gain..... The final six mic's including accelerometers, geophones, hydrophone and even an RE20 then creating a rotating mix between them...." Here's an audio clip of the rumble! Earthnew.mp3

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