Larry and I recently spent a few weeks in the UK doing some interviews for the mag that you'll be seeing soon. Over the weekend I left Larry in London to play some gigs in Oxford and Cornwall with my friends in Sea of Bees. One of the funnest parts of the trip was a stop at a small garden shed near Clevedon where we did a short three song acoustic set for Songs From The Shed. Very basic and very simple, it was really fun. The shed proprietor, Jon Earl, then treated us to sandwiches and crisps in his backyard. Watching this BBC program about Jon and his shed, I was struck by Jon's comment, "I put the louder musicians in the back, the quieter ones in the front," and thought Tape Op readers might enjoy Jon's POV. His shed and can-do positive energy and unabashed fan-boy attitude were a highlight of my trip.

-John Baccigaluppi


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