Weirdest email to Tape Op ever? This one takes the cake. Delusional. -Larry

Date: June 18, 2011 12:56:02 PM PDT

Hope that Mr. Larry Crane will receive this letter of collaboration.

Dear Larry Crane

In past musical magazines usually helped me to present my lyrics. With internet thinks has been change. Those changes do not work for me. Is there any possibility that to day music magazine will help me to reach singers or composers so that I can present my lyrics?  

Something professional, about me:

I am Lyric Writer for pop - rock and pop music songs, including country - pop, country - rock. My lyrics are easy, touchy, love lyrics with happy, written by person that believes in Love and Humanity. By reading those lyrics it could be easily recognized. 

From childhood I'm writing lyrics. In 1970tis, 1980tis and 1990tis some of them became global hits. I never interested in writing classical poem. My interests ware to write modern lyrics. Like any young artist I've shay and I did not know how to present and to hum sent my work.

I found solution in music magazines. They contained official addresses of popular singers / musicians.  I've translated my lyrics on English and send them to presented addresses. 

So during 1980tis I became co-writer / writer for lyrics that end on repertoire of some mega stars like:  Michel Bolton ("How am I suppose to live without you"...), Julio Inglesias ("Spanish Girl"...), Madonna ("Who's That Girl", ""Cherish", "Can't Stop", "Angel"...), Sting ("Every breath you take", "Roxana"), Brian Adams ("Please forgive me" ...) Wily Smith, Bruce Willis ("White Swan").  All this hits belong to 1980tis and beginning of 1990tis. Some of Rolling Stones hits belong to late 1970tis. 

In 1990tis I've respond to ad for lyrics due to motion picture "Titanic". (At that time I lived in Canada, 1989-97). Title for the lyric was "My hart will go on" singed by Celin Dione. 

Also in Canada I wrote lyrics for certain catastrophes such as Tsunami (in Pacific Ocean), accident in Canadian mind. They ware my donations to such hard Nature happenings.

Many back-ups, on sent lyrics, I never received due to often change of address in Canada, or due to misspelling of my name on paper work for collaborations.

During 1980tis and late 1990tis some of my lyrics have been published in "Literature Magazine" in former Yugoslavia.

In year 2007 song, with my lyrics, "Prayer" won first place at the European Music Contest "Euro Song" More then 40ty countries from Europe, attending this contest each year. 

From time to time I do write lyrics for children.

During October / 2010 my book of lyrics (45 lyrics) was published and displayed on traditional, international October Book Fair in Belgrade (capital city of Serbia). Book title is "????". In Latin it is "Bukee" or "Buki". Please, find attached first and last page of that book.

Please find attached some lyric titles (from book): Believe, Move it in yesterday, My parents, My hart is clean and Sunny Winter day. 

Hope that fiscal distance and some cultural differences is not obstacle for our collaboration.   

My work is fallowed by strong pictured imagination and that is a reason for being recognized in different coulters.

At the end: I'll be grateful to have lyric part in some of Your project, or to be recommended, by You, to fellow colleges, directors or composers.  

Some technicalities: In case of sending some package to me, please do not send it trough Post Office. Send it trough courier services and place my mob. tel. XXXXXX

Looking forward to hear from You I remain.


Serbia, Southeast Europe,

Move it, in yesterday
(female voice)

You are hear again,
Standing behind door.
You wont to come in,
but you are affray,
that it could be repetition,
that hearts. Do not jingle
Same mistake could be,
repeated again.

Key is still under map 
and on table, one more,
pain for you.
On table is letter.
One more issue, to your lays.
On chair is book about life,
waiting to be read of
and scurf with my perfume.

Our small picture frame, 
in light blue colors.
Inside is picture 
of a happy family.
Frame is same. 
Same smile still is shin.
Everything is same, except,
I'm not same lake I was.

On picture it seems,
like that you wont to say: "Sorry".
It is better if you take that mask of. 
Make it enough. Your acting became vulgar.
For you, I never ever will be at home.
Take your staff with you 
and from tomorrow let some new girl,
to make you a company.

Move your self in yesterday, my Dear.

My hart is clean
(mean or female voice)

My hart is clean like snow,
but conches dose bite me.
Sometimes I look for changes,  
when Moon is close to Earth.
Changes that I secretly want,
dose not have name, dose not have face.
They are just illusions, shin,
my small insomnia.

Any one ell's I do not need.
Everything that I need
you have, when I ask for it.
Everything you wish, 
I wont you to have.
To you I wish all that love.
Yours for ever, 
with clean hart.

My soul is crystal like ice,
only you can see yourself trough it. 
Sometimes conches bite me,
when I wish some change.

When the sweet thoughts visit me
and when my hart feel,
for a bit I deliver my self.
Only at that moment, 
I do know to whom I belong.
Yours for ever, 
with clean hart.

My parents
(female or mail voice)

Dear parents, I thought, 
that is not going to be,
like it happen:
that I lose you so soon. 
In short period of time,
I lose bought of you. 

53 years of life together,
is something that to day,
looks unbelievable for us,
but for you, it was natural.

This is something, 
that wife and husband give
to each other, with not knowing,
that is happening.

It goes like:
"Hello Sweaty. Dad is came?"
"Do not worry mom I'll call you,
know when he com"
"Hello, Sweetness did Mom,
gat to your place?"
"Do not worry Dad, as son she com,
I'll call you back." 

My dear parents I have, 
one apology to make:
it is for reading, 
your old letters,
from time when you, 
ware young, married couple.
First I red mama's letter
then five to six dad's letters.

Such innocent situation, 
"child's' curiosity",
maid our harts worm 
trough moments in many years.

I hope that I did not disappoint you.
I hope that you will be proud,
that I did not give up of writing lyrics.
Lyrics that you like them, my dear parents.

Name: Dusanka Kovacevic-Ivancevic
Nick name: Buki   

Sunny winter day 
(female or male voice)

I felt worminess, 
deep in my hart,
on nice day:
Sunny, winter day.

Day when whit clear color,
gives straight outline 
to homes, trees 
and to our sidewalk.

Walking on our sidewalk,
such day makes you to look up.  
Up to blue sky, 
full of white, puffy clouds.
You realize they waited for you, 
to picture them self's, 
in your eyes. My Love.

On quite, shiny, Sunny day, 
pond for City orchestra was empty,
waiting for muziitions.
On fence of pond, 
at some point I wrote,
with marker that can not
be cleared so easily:
"My Direst, I love you",
singed by me.

Not so long ego, on sunny day, 
I walked trough our trail. 
It helps me lover my pain. 
Slowly I came to the pond,
climb few stares,
stood some seconds,
not believing to my eyes.

My writing steal was there
but yours was too:
"I'm searching for you, my Dear"
singed by you.

Name: Dusanka Kovacevic - Ivancevic
Nick name: Buki 

(female or male voice)

I believe in reality 
and in happenings around me. 
I believe, in humanity. 
I believe in toughness too.

I know that good persons exists.
I know, that it's 
easy to write lyrics,
when you love and believe.

Also I know, that lyrics,
inspire musicians.
So, dear Musicians, 
give me melody,
that I'm messing for my lyrics.

Believe in lyrics and music.
Make my soul stronger.
Spread lyrics trough 
unforgivable time.

Time and lyrics inside me,
are values that can not be wiped out.
Instead, they became stronger
and easier for spreading trough space. 


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