Gurf Morlix (Tape Op # 76) recently released a 15 song collection of songs written by his longtime friend and runnin' buddy, Blaze Foley Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream.  The CD has been released in conjunction with the documentary film Blaze Foley: Duct Tape Messiah. The film and Gurf are touring together throughout 2011. The shows consist of a screening of the film, followed by a set of Blaze songs from Gurf. Here is Gurf describing Blaze: “Blaze Foley – soulful, passionate singer songwriter. Champion of the downtrodden. Friend. Tender caring person with a big ol' bag of deep-rooted troubles stuffed down into one of his pockets. Blaze could cut right through the bullshit, or he could be the cause of it. The funniest person I ever met, and also the most tragic."

Blaze, a colorful, but flawed character, was murdered in 1989 at the age of 39. Recording an album of Blaze's music is something Gurf's been wanting to do for more than 20 years. Now is the time. Gurf knows that Blaze's honest, heartfelt words will resonate with today's audience. Blaze is finally having the career he wanted.


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