Dear Tape Op Readers,

As you know many of our family, friends and colleagues on the East Coast have been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy last week.

Led by Ken Bogdanowicz of Sound Toys, several of our advertisers have joined together to help raise money for Storm Relief. Please take a minute or two to read this entire email and consider taking advantage of some of these offers and auctions and pitching in to help the relief effort.

Larry, John and the Tape Op crew


1. Sound Toys to Donate 100% of their online sales on Monday November 5.

On Monday November 5th 2012, SoundToys will donate one hundred percent of its online sales to help the storm victims of NY and NJ. As former residents of New Jersey, and with a great number of friends in both New York and New Jersey, as well as the large music community affected, SoundToys feels a deep responsibility to assist as much as possible. All proceeds on this day will be donated to Team Rubicon (, a rapid relief organization already working in both areas to aid the needy. The organization employs skilled veterans to assist in all areas of relief and aid.

"It's hard to watch the people of New Jersey and New York, the communities we grew up in, the seaside towns we played in, and the city we love, suffer so badly. It's a tiny thing, one day. We feel that it's the least we can do - to give one day of our work to help with this monumental relief effort." said Ken Bogdanowicz, CEO of SoundToys.

Tragedies like these require everyone to come together to help, so we ask our customers and friends to help those in need. Simply place your order for any SoundToys product or upgrade on the SoundToys webpage ( on Monday Nov 5th, and the combined total of sales for the entire day will be donated to help the victims of this tragic storm.

And if you don't happen to need any more plug-ins, please consider making a direct donation to Team Rubicon here:


2. Dangerous Music has donated a sizeable amount directly to Team Rubicon.


3. Avenson Audio is donating 100% of the proceeds of the auction of SmallDI and IsoDI on ebay.


4. Universal Audio is donating 100% of the proceeds of the auction of an Apollo QUAD interface on ebay. ng-/251177959150?pt=US_Computer_Recording_Interfaces&hash=item3a7b5f7eee


5. Tape Op is donating 100% of the proceeds of the auction from a grab bag of stuff from our office.

This stuff includes a complete archive of in-print magazines (71) issues, a Tape Op Vol 2 book, Phill Brown's Are We Still Rolling book, an unreleased Tape Op Bunny Poster and a JZ pop filter:


6. Placid Audio is donating the proceeds of an auction of a Copperphone microphone.

With the help of Tape Op Magazine and B-Team Audio, Placid Audio will donate 100% of the profit of this particular auction to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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