The Bard Himself

I often think about the relation of commerce and art. It's a convoluted one, but necessary. How could one continue to create the best art possible if they were destitute? They won't - they will be focused on survival instead. A recent op-ed in the NY Times, by Scott Turow (a novelist and president of the Authors Guild) uses the rise of playwrights in London in the 16th Century to relate how art combined with monetary gain creates better art. Turow noted that "talent often remains undeveloped unless markets reward it." Also noted was that "a creative person should have some assurance of being rewarded for his innovative work." 

The Internet is a Wild West of copyright infringement. I've seen my own writings, recordings, productions and co-written songs posted and passed around as if they were public domain works. Yet I attempt to make my living in a creative field. Pretty soon you might find Aimee Mann cleaning your house for real. 

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