From Kitchen Op Magazine's letters section:

 I just wanted to write in to chime in on the debate about home cooking. As a professional chef, with many years of time invested in learning my craft and thousands of dollars invested in equipment, I'm getting sick and tired of people deciding they don't need to eat out at our restaurants, and deciding to attempt to cook meals at home (probably with horrid results). We all know that a professional cook can do a better job, has a better skill set, has ingredients all ready at their fingertips and has a backlog of successful recipes in their head. No delusional "home chef" can come close to this.

We invest thousands of dollars in Hobart mixers and Wolf ovens. We source the best ingredients. We really know what we are doing when we enter our kitchen.

Why eat a horribly-prepared meal at home? Stop this madness, and return to a professionally-run restaurant where your meal will be prepared correctly.


Jack Bourdain, NYC


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