Tape Op lost a good friend last night when our pal Neal Casal left us all behind. Neal was a gifted guitarist, songwriter, singer, photographer, producer, surfer and just an all-around good dude. 

I was lucky to work with Neal on some recording projects and even more lucky to spend some time in the ocean with him surfing his home break in Ventura, CA and mine in Bolinas, CA. 

Neal shot the cover photo for Tape Op #76 and enthusiastically contributed photos and a short interview to our piece with Glyn Johns back in 2015, and you can see/read that here:


"The article and photos turned out so well, I'm truly honored to be part of such a landmark thing.
Thank You,

We’ll miss you buddy and I hope you’re getting some good long waves wherever you are. 


Photo Credit: "Fins at Sano" by Neal Casal

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